Sulfites x Beams


I didn't communicate much about it but now it's done I can brag a little. Following my presence in different Japanese stores, I had the wonderful opportunity to create a line a 3 pouches for BEAMS. The three clear pouches are of different sizes. One is basically a coin purse and can fit in you hand with its 10x13cm. The second one is a pencil case and the last one consista of a large pouch for toiletries or EDC. As it's made from translucide cristal, you can easily find what you are searching for. 

Small Sulfites Pouch

Pen Case Sulfites

Larcge Sulfites Pouch

Sulfites BEAMS

Sulfites BEAMS

Sulfites BEAMS

They are available online through BEAMS e-shop and also ZOZOTOWN (who also distributes my dyneema sacoches). 


Images Copyright : Beams


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