Dyneema is a very strong polyethylene fiber. It is water repellant, UV-resistant and for the most important point : lightweight. For comparable weight, Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel. You can find Dyneema is different forms : ropes, composites fabrics made of 100% Dyneema and traditional woven fabrics with additional Dyneema fibers in the warp and weft directions.


Made by the sailcloth manufacturer Dimension-Polyant, VX21 is a laminate fabric. The four layers combine to create a durable and waterproof fabric. The top side is composed of woven nylon for abrasion resistance and water repellancy with a DWR coating. The X-Ply provides dimensional stability and tear strength. A PET laminate adds additional waterproofness and is protected by a 50D polyester taffeta backing.


DuPont is the creator of Tyvek. Between fabric and paper, Tyvek is actually a non-woven polyethylene. The fibers are distributed randomly, compressed and assembled by thermal process. In practice, the Tyvek is very resistant to water, it is almost tear-proof and very light. It offers great possibilities for printing.